1953 - University of Washington alumni form the Seattle Women's Field Hockey club.

1958 - First Tournament held in Seattle with 4 teams consisting of Seattle Team, Eugene, Portland, and Vancouver BC.

1960 - Seattle Field Hockey members attend Camp under Constance Applebee.

1961 - PNW (Pacific NW) joins USFHA. Seattle chooses official Blue/Maroon colors.

1966 - Tacoma forms new team joining PNW tournament teams of Seattle (x2), Portland, Eugene, California, and 12 Vancouver BC teams.

1967 - First PNW team selected. This "all-star" team represents the PNW at Nationals.

1968 - Yakima team and Portland's second team, the Highstickers, form.

1972 - Ellensburg, Skagit, and third Seattle teams are formed. PNW is separated into Associations; Cascade (Washington) and Oregon.

1973 - Bellevue and Salem teams are formed. Association play begins with 3 PNW teams, one of which attends National Tournaments in Boston.

1974 - Chehalis and Portland Goalseeker teams are formed, bringing the total of PNW teams to 14. Title 9 comes into being.

1975 - Tournament play, cross selection with California, Canadian exchange tournaments. One selected PNW team participates in National tournaments.

1978 - USFHA National tournament is held in Ellensburg, Washington. Three PNW teams participate.

1979 - England and US National teams tour and play PNW selected teams in Ft. Stillicum. PNW scores goal against US but lose by 6 points.

1980 - Women's Hockey's first Olympics are boycotted. 

1981 - PNW association folds.

1982 - Skagit team dissolves.

1983 - Tacoma, Seattle, and Seattle Masters attend Nationals at Long Beach, CA. Seattle uses PNW uniforms. Colors change to red/blue.

1984 - Tacoma team folds. Seattle attends Long Beach, CA Nationals for a second time.

1986-87 - Seattle has no teams to play, joins Canadian League. Two games played each Saturday.

1988 - Seattle Masters attend Nationals in Anaheim, CA.

1990 - Washington Centennial Games; Seattle's two teams play each other.

1992 - Seattle Masters tied for first place with Canada at Nationals in Anaheim but sadly disqualified for a player being under the age limit of 30.

1995 - Vancouver celebrates 100 years of hockey.

1996 - California Tournament, in San Diego's Olympic Training Center.

1997 - California Sectional Tournament in Palm Springs.

2001 - Golden Oldies Tournament (week long) Vancouver BC. Traveling high school team from Glascoe.  California Tournament at Stanford.

2002 - One team went to Atlanta, Palm Desert/Polo Club. One masters team plays open division.

2003 - Seattle Women's Field Hockey Club celebrates 50 years with a reunion event at Kane Hall, University of Washington. Also included are exhibition games and tea. Seattle attends Golden Oldies tournament in Fiji.

2005 - Team toured Scotland, Germany, and Holland.

2006 - Won Social Division at Vancouver International Tournament (VIT).

2007 - Won Social Division at VIT.

2008 - Won Judy Broom award at VIT for most fun team.

2013 - Seattle Women's Field Hockey Club celebrates 60 years with a reunion exhibition game versus the Vancouver Jokers at Washington Park.

2014 - Won Masters Division at VIT, and participated in the Westerly Tournament in Nanaimo, BC.

2015 - Seattle sends two teams to the VIT - earning a 2nd place in both the Social & Masters divisions, and participate in the Westerly Tournament in Courtenay, BC.

2016 - Seattle begins the year with a first trip to the Phoenix tournament in January. They send two teams to the VIT, and the Masters earn a 2nd place finish. At the Westerly Tournament on Vancouver Island in September, Seattle takes gold.

2017 - Seattle sends two teams to the VIT, with the Masters earning 3rd place and Women's Social playing to a 4th place finish.

2018 - Seattle Women's Masters keep up their winning ways at the VIT, earning 3rd place in their division. Seattle Co-ed wins the VIT co-ed division. Seattle Women & Men bring over 150 players together as they co-host the first annual Seattle Field Hockey Social, a two-day 7v7 tournament at Marymoor Park.